Frame Choices at A Hurd Opticians

At A Hurd Opticians, you will be able to find a wide range of frames in hundreds of different styles and colours, from colourful plastics to rimless frames, always being regularly updated.

Being an independent practice, we are able to deal with many different suppliers, therefore being able to select what we feel are the best styles and designs available.

We stock many of the leading designer collections such as Converse, Jaegar and Guess to name a few, but we also stock many other fashionable brands without the designer name to cover all price ranges.

At A Hurd Opticians, we offer a personalised style consultation to all of our patients. This allows us to advise you on the shape, colour, style and fit of the frames which will enhance your facial features of the the maids. Not only this but we will advise you on the best type of glasses that will enhance your lifestyle and give you the quality of vision you deserve.

As children’s eyecare is extremely important to us at A Hurd Opticians, we feel that if a child needs to wear spectacles, they also should have a good selection of frames to choose from. As a result we stock a large range of children’s frames in various styles and price points.